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  • 651 Colley Avenue
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • 23507
  • (757) 446-7121

Who are we?

The National Center for Collaboration in Medical Modeling and Simulation (NCCMMS) is a research and collaborative center dedicated to improving patient care through engagement with the simulation industry. The NCCMMS seeks to increase the quality and quantity of medical modeling and simulation-based training and education available to healthcare students and practitioners, to develop new analytic and modeling technologies through active collaboration with industry, academic, and government partners.

Recent Activity

February 26

Robert Armstrong @NCCMMS contributed to the wiki Profile Message

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December 03

November 30

November 16

Robert Armstrong @NCCMMS: The recent M&S in Hampton Roads report prepared by the Comonwealth is available here:

8 years ago

November 01

Robert Armstrong @NCCMMS: Check out this online presentation to gain an understanding into the sub-domains of the healthcare arena where M&S is directly applicable.

8 years ago

October 30

Robert Armstrong @NCCMMS contributed to the wiki Profile Overview

8 years ago

Organization Information

  • Contact Information: 757-446-7121 or
  • Founder: C. Donald Combs, PhD and Bowen Loftin, PhD
  • Headquarters: Norfolk, VA
  • Services: research, development, collaboration, education
  • Key People: C. Donald Combs, PhD and John Sokolowski, PhD, Bob Armstrong, Taryn Cuper
  • Type: Public

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  • Develop simulation-based technologies that:
    • Impart efficient and effective learning.
    • Support certification in new procedures.
    • Support periodic recertification to improve the training of health care professionals.
  • Develop simulation-based technologies to improve patient care.
  • Collaborate with medical and health care licensing and accrediting bodies regarding the proper use of simulation in teaching, training, and certification.
  • Collaborate with Department of Defense modeling and simulation companies on medical modeling and simulation projects.
  • Leverage modeling and simulation technologies and expertise developed nationally and internationally for the advancement of the health care professions and patient safety.
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