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Where Does M&S Fit Into The Healthcare Industry?

Posted by Bob Armstrong on December 7, 2012 9:10 AM EST
Robert Armstrong photo

Short answer:  Pretty much everywhere.

In an effort to understand (or, to grok it, really) the myriad ways that modeling and simulation can be applied to support healthcare training, education, rehearsal, and analysis, I started "mapping" the industry areas.  Being one of those people who relies on visualization as an aid to comprehension, I personally found this approach to be very helpful.  

There are multiple ways to map out the industry - one other way would be to start with the types of modeling and simulation that can be applied -- discrete event sim, system dynamics, real-time simulation, and the like -- and map the industry against those types.  My goal was to portray the industry at a higher level, though, and not to drive down to the modeling and simulation application -- or even the application domain.

I'm hoping that this map will stir constructively critical thinking and comments.  Have at it.

 Click the thumbnail image to the left, or this link, to see the file.Medical Modeling & Simulation Domain-7Dec12.jpg

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Interesting map. Where does remote surgery fit in? Does it go in Systems & Devices or Medical Schools?

SCS Staff photo
SCS Staff

8 years ago

Nice bit of work, Bob, and how can you go wrong when posting "grok" in a blog?

Lisa Jean Bair photo
Lisa Jean Bair

8 years ago

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