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FlexSim Software Products, Inc.

Computers & Internet
  • 1577 North Technology Way, Suite 2300
  • Orem, Utah
  • 84097
  • (801) 224-6914

FlexSim Terminology

Some common terms that will be encountered in FlexSim, and their associated definitions.

Flowitem: The entities that flow through a FlexSim simulation. These vary depending on the simulation, can be anything from a physical product (i.e. boxes, containers) to a service (i.e. customers, paperwork) to something abstract (i.e. an idea).

Model: A collection of flowitems and objects that are put together to simulate a system.

Object: In FlexSim, objects represent the basic building blocks of a simulation. They are the queues, processors, racks and other units that work together to model a real world system. Each object can be customized to be individually unique.

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